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Marco Polo One Hundred Eyes

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Erst als Anna ihm das in einem Wutanfall ins Gesicht schreit, auf Geschftsreise nach Russland zu gehen, schlechte Zeiten. Tipp: Sky zeigt noch einmal alle Staffeln von GoT.

Marco Polo One Hundred Eyes

Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Olivia Cheng, Masayoshi Haneda, Lorenzo Richelmy u.v.m. Marco Polo ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie über die jungen Jahre Marco Polos, die 11, 1, Hundert Augen, One Hundred Eyes, Dez. , Dez. Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes jetzt legal online anschauen. Der Film ist aktuell bei Netflix verfügbar. In dieser minütigen Herkunftsgeschichte trifft ein.

Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes

Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes. Zur Wunschliste hinzufügen. Wir benachrichtigen dich, sobald Filme auf deiner Wunschliste verfügbar sind. Marco Polo Sifu Eyes on the meaning of Kung Fu. Remy Hii Picture. Schöne Hintern. Remy Hii. Dec 28, - This Pin was discovered by Echo. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

Marco Polo One Hundred Eyes Movies / TV Video

Marco Polo 2x5 - a dance

During his extensive research, show creator John Fusco traveled the Silk Road by horseback and also crossed the Ming Sha Dunes of Western China on camel. Kublai's bastard child Byamba shows up with a message from Gerd Silberbauer, Kublai's cousin. The show Film Clint Eastwood on Netflix on December 12,
Marco Polo One Hundred Eyes

Staffel soll Marco Polo One Hundred Eyes kommen. - Inhaltsangabe zu der Episode Marco Polo 1x11: «One Hundred Eyes»

Mit Marcos Onkel, Maffeo, möchte er sich wieder auf eine Reise zum Kublai Khan begeben. Kommentar speichern. Parrish Split Putlocker 6 Jahren. Alle Episoden-Reviews Alle Staffel-Reviews Alle Pilot-Reviews Filmkritiken. Marco and Hundred Eyes take on a dangerous mission to infiltrate the walled city of Xiangyang, while its Chancellor struggles to hold on to power. Kublai asks Marco and Hundred Eyes to infiltrate XiangYang to kill Jia Sidao. Marco draws a plan of the city from inside the city. Hundred Eyes tries to kill Jia but fails and escapes. Bayan of the Baarin, or Boyan, was a Mongol general. He was known to Marco Polo as "Bayan Hundred Eyes". He commanded the army of Kublai Khan against the Song dynasty of China, ushering in the Song collapse and the conquest of South China by the Yuan dynasty. "Bayan" literally means "rich" in the Mongolian language. The upcoming Netflix special MARCO POLO: ONE HUNDRED EYES will tell the warrior monk's side "How did Hundred Eyes come to pledge his service to Kublai Khan?. In the tradition of television holiday specials, Netflix has blessed its fans with a well-crafted minute backstory in Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes. One of the most beloved characters from season. Directed by Alik Sakharov. With Benedict Wong, Tom Wu, Lorenzo Richelmy, Olivia Cheng. Before he. Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes (TV Short ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. 21 rows · From Hundred Eyes, Marco learns about Kung Fu, supreme skill from hard work, No. of episodes: 20 + 1 special (list of episodes).
Marco Polo One Hundred Eyes

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Show HTML View more styles. Photos Add Image. Edit Cast Cast overview: Benedict Wong Kublai Khan Tom Wu Hundred Eyes Lorenzo Richelmy Marco Polo Olivia Cheng Mei Lin Michelle Yeoh Lotus Sam Jellie Prince Altai Masayoshi Haneda Edit Storyline Before he lost his sight.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia Was considered as a pilot for a possible spin-off series, but low viewing numbers nixed any further plans. Quotes [ first lines ] Monk : [ at the door ] Li Jinbao.

She says that he needs to accept the challenge to his throne because Kaidu is operating within the law and any other approach would suggest weakness or deceit.

Next, Marco and Mei Lin return with the boy emperor. The return sparks all kinds of intriguing relationships and power struggles.

There's Kublai asserting his power over Mei Lin, even as Marco asks for leniency. There's Marco being "introduced" to the Blue Princess by Jingim and the awkwardness that follows from them being former secret romantic partners.

There's also the issue of what to do with the boy emperor. While Jingim and Marco suggest letting the boy fade from the public's memory by stashing him in a safe place, Ahmad suggests killing him and parading his head through the streets to send a message.

This is the same man who's working with Mei Lin to overthrow Kublai, even telling her that she could see her daughter in exchange for bringing the boy emperor to the capital.

The Blue Princess has a miscarriage, but Jingim is forgiving and understanding. Kaidu has his meeting with Nayan, who's preaching Christianity to the Mongolian masses, but they can't come to an agreement for him to back Kaidu's claim to the throne.

Marco also tells Kublai of the many people in south China killing themselves, as they see the Mongolian presence not as liberation but as occupation.

As the boy emperor hangs from the capital, and the Handmaiden takes the sight in, Kublai awakes from another nightmare, his wife still lambasting him for his decision to kill a child.

Marco isn't too happy with him either, and with both in crisis, Kublai takes his Venetian friend on a hike in order to decide what to do about Kaidu's claim to the throne.

The Handmaiden confronts Mei Lin - they both agree they have a common enemy. Meanwhile, the mounting pressure on the Blue Princess to produce an heir before Kaidu's claim comes to pass leads the Empress to force a stable boy with similar features to Jingim to impregnate the Blue Princess while the Empress holds her down.

The Blue Princess tries to object that the resulting infant would not contain full royal blood to which the Empress responds, "actually, the baby will have no royal blood.

While this is happening, Jingim goes to Karakorum to help persuade people to side with his father. That means taking down a huge warrior in a wrestling match and earning some respect, though that doesn't stop Kaidu's two children from attacking them on their way home.

Furthermore, Kaidu makes a bold decision and insists that his daughter Khutulun, rather than his son, will be the next heir. Nayan is in Northern Israel, along with Marco's father, to talk about Kublai.

The discussion is rather simple. The Pope sees Kublai's rule as a threat, in part because since he's accepting of so many religions.

The Pope vows to confront his forces should they move West. Nayan is less enthused about this idea, but when he proves his religious value to the Pope and the two agree to work together, he's swayed.

He washes away his sins and prepares for battle. Meanwhile, the hunt is on for Jingim and Ahmad. Kaidu is pissed at his son because of his actions, which have brought Kublai to his doorstep.

Together they all go out to search for the Khan's missing sons. Along the way, Kaidu and Kublai connect with memories of their childhood but also remain divided on the prospects of the Mongol empire.

Things get particularly heated when the insults start flying and Kaidu pulls his sword on Kublai. Ultimately, nothing comes of the moment, as Jingim and Ahmad are found, but certainly the challenge to the throne will not go so smoothly.

The other dangling plot thread is that of the Blue Princess and her potential pregnancy. Here she finds out that the stable boy who impregnated her has been killed, and when she goes to see the body for herself, she stumbles upon his wife and spends the day with her and her baby.

It almost seems as if she'll abandon her position, especially if Jingim isn't found. Five rebels execute five different attacks and kill Mongolians, as Ahmad informs the Khan.

Kublai states that while he'll still travel to Xanadu to challenge Kaidu, he gives Ahmad control of his forces to strike back.

Meanwhile, Khutulun makes it clear to Kaidu that she's not happy about being the heir because it would mean sacrificing her own goals.

Byamba, who she's now separated from, is demoted to foot soldier by Ahmad, who's still working on his own plans to dethrone Kublai.

Ahmad gains even more control when a guard tells him about the Empress leading a stableboy into Princess Kokachin's chambers.

That whole situation is about to get even more complicated because the real Princess Kokachin shows up, apparently not dead like we all believed, and wants her life back.

At the same time, Marco continues to grow suspicious of Ahmad, especially as he decides to send nearly 60, troops to battle the uprising and only 7, with Kublai to Xanadu.

He was once simply a tax collector for the Khan, wanting to travel and learn about the people in Kublai's empire. Before long, though, he becomes jaded; he ends up killing a prostitute he slept with when she hums the same song his mother did when he was a child.

This signals his turn as he returns to Kublai and takes a position as his finance minister and begins to take control of his future.

First, as the episode opens, we see Kaidu and his mother secretly finding their way to Cambulac. They arrive in the middle of the night shrouded in hoods.

The purpose of their meeting in the capital is to discuss the overthrow of the Khan with Ahmad. The Khan's Vice Regent has made it clear that he wants Kublai gone, and he sees Kaidu as his own tool.

In addition to Kaidu, he invites Nayan for the meeting, securing both of their opposition to Kublai. The offer of Mei Lin's daughter to the sinful Nayan helps to sway him.

Meanwhile, Kublai is in Xanadu petitioning for votes and arguing for his vision of empirical expansion, complete with fireworks, to the people there.

There are harbingers of death all around, though. Horses that were gifted to Kublai are attacked, found with their eyes carved out.

Marco and Jingim believe it's the work of Kaidu, but Kublai doesn't seem worried. Eventually, after a night of passion with an exotic dancer who's traveled the world, the Blue Princess visits Marco and the mystery of the horses is solved.

Under pressure from her pregnancy and guilt over her child and the dead stableboy, the impostor Blue Princess suffers a nervous breakdown; the real Blue Princess that had been demanding her life back was nothing more than her hallucination and it was the impostor Kokochin that had been gouging out the eyes of the Khan's horses.

Marco points out to her the blood all over her hands. We see that Hundred Eyes and the Handmaiden, who he refers to as Lotus, were once friends and lovers.

When the Mongolians attacked them, Hundred Eyes thought he saw Lotus die at the hands of an archer. That bit of backstory makes their reunion here that much sweeter, and their separation at the end of the episode all the more heartbreaking.

The second attack is undertaken by Khutulun and Orus on the order of Kaidu. He's conducting murderous raids under the banner of Kublai, having his children and warriors wear masks to conceal their identities.

Essentially he's framing Kublai in the hopes of drumming up support for his ascension to the throne. Marco Polo S01 - Ep02 The Wolf and the Deer -.

Marco Polo S01 E01 The Wayfarer. Marco Polo S01 - Ep05 Hashshashin -. Lampard's youngsters restoring positive air at Chelsea. Lampard pays price for slump.

Chelsea sack Frank Lampard. Hearing that Liu Zheng had died, Jia Sidao experienced a brief ecstasy and led an army of about , against the Mongols, but he suffered defeat on the Yangtze River.

The populace of the Jiangsu areas, around the Yangtze, including Zhenjiang and Jiangyin, deserted their homes in the face of the Mongol attacks.

Jia Sidao sent an emissary to Bayan to discuss a truce, but Bayan declined to negotiate. Jia Sidao asked the dowager empress to relocate the Song capital, Hangzhou , but Empress Xie-shi refused to move.

Several ministers at the Song court requested that the regent deprive Jia Sidao of his posts, and the Song released former Mongol emissaries like Hao Jing as a good-will gesture.

At this point Zhang Shijie of E'zhou Hubei Province , Wen Tianxiang of Jiangxi and Li Fei of Hunan came to the east to help the Song court. A Song general abandoned Jiankang i.

Nanking , and the Mongols took Changzhou and Wuxi. Kublai Khan then sent Lian Xixian and Yan Zhongfan to the Song to discuss a ceasefire.

Lian Xixian asked Bayan for bodyguards, but Bayan advised that the more bodyguards Lian took with him, the more the likelihood that the Song Chinese might harm him.

Lian obtained soldiers, but once he arrived at Dusong-guan Pass, the Song General Zhang Ru killed Yan Zhongfan and captured Lian Xixian.

The History of Yuan Dynasty [ citation needed ] states that the Song killed Lian too. Bayan deplored the Song behavior, and sent another emissary, Zhang Xu, to the Song court, together with a Song emissary; but a Song border general had Zhang Xu killed.

Then the Mongols stopped peace talks and attacked Yangzhou on the northern bank of the Yangtze Changjiang River and defeated two generals under Li Tingzhi.

Jiading surrendered next, and a Mongol fire attack defeated Zhang Shijie's navy on the Yangtze. Wen Tianxiang arrived in Lin'an Hangzhou , the Song capital , but the Empress Dowager did not take his advice.

Jia Sidao was expelled from the capital, and the escort official killed him en route. The Mongols took Taizhou in Jiangsu and slaughtered the inhabitants of Changzhou.

In Hunan , Li Fei died, and the Song lost both Hunan and Jiangxi Provinces. After taking over Dusong-guan Pass, the Mongols started to close in on the Song capital.

A Song minister called Liu Yue, sent to the Mongol camp to sue for peace, received a rebuff from Bayan, who said that the Song Emperor obtained the throne from a child and would lose it in the hands of a child as well.

The Song sent Lu Xufu to the Mongols to express a wish to become a Mongol protectorate, but the Mongols declined the proposal. Sign up here.

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All Critics 1 Fresh 1. In the tradition of television holiday specials, Netflix has blessed its fans with a well-crafted minute backstory in Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes.

One of the most beloved characters from season 1 gets a well deserved origin story. David Griffin.

Bei Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes handelt es sich um einen Special der Netflix-​Serie Marco Polo, das einen besonderen Blick auf den Meister und Lehrer des. Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Olivia Cheng, Masayoshi Haneda, Lorenzo Richelmy u.v.m. Marco Polo ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie über die jungen Jahre Marco Polos, die 11, 1, Hundert Augen, One Hundred Eyes, Dez. , Dez. Dec 28, - This Pin was discovered by Echo. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.
Marco Polo One Hundred Eyes
Marco Polo One Hundred Eyes
Marco Polo One Hundred Eyes Fresh TV Trailers. That means taking down a huge warrior in a wrestling match and earning some respect, though that doesn't stop Kaidu's two children from attacking them on their way home. May 15, Walking Dead Sasha Entertainment Weekly. She kills him and, in return, Jingim allows her to leave the capital Grindelwald Verbrechen, with Hundred Eyes offering to escort her back to Eagle Eye – Außer Kontrolle Stream daughter. The Khan also feels betrayed by Marco. Vice Regent Yusuf imprisons Marco, his father, and his uncle for smuggling. A Song general abandoned Jiankang i. Historical movies and series. Hundred Eyes asks the Vitezslav Jandak to pardon Marco.


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